The Population

The Population is a forum for communicating ideas, passing on information and sharing the great things that can be found out there. Hopefully, there is a community of people that are eager to discuss possibilities, draw new blueprints and create new templates.

enter…The Population.

Damon Locks


27 responses to “The Population

  1. phil McGaughy

    I’m gonna dig into this

  2. james

    Im inspired. i hope you start posting your mix tapes here too. we need a soundtrack.

  3. wowee zowee, awesome!

  4. Patsy

    oh.. i left my comment on the Cedric Bixler article..
    peace damon!

  5. Schooley

    You are the biggest rock star I have ever had the pleasure of having brunch with… I never thought I’d say it, but, I’m glad to be a member of the population

  6. The Population. I’m feeling kinda matrix-y. I want the blue pill. lol. Great idea, Damon. Well, of course, your name is my name juxtaposed…lol. Looking forward to thought-provoking conversations, listening to good music, and simply — fun.


  7. Kat

    Great mix of materials! Way to dig in.

  8. Aaron Dukes

    This is fantastic!

  9. Timothy Lane

    Slick stuff…dig the graphics mang!

  10. The Lass

    Nicely done, Mr. Locks. I had no idea you were such a wonderful writer. Cheers, Laura.

  11. Greyhoos

    Love the idea(s), the look of it, all that. Diggin, and lookin forward to more.

  12. Wish you all the best with this new project and congrats on the Gaper’s Block notice…

  13. Jerny

    good stuff!! big ups, Damon.

  14. Rodney

    Brilliant! Thanks for letting us share in your vision.

  15. rikshaw

    when i feel blue i just re-read the bruce miles hellington 9353 anecdotes. long live the F.V.K.

    • Timothy Element

      Hey Rikshaw!
      Fearless Vampire Killin’ in this day and age; ain’t nuthin to it butt to do it,,,,correct?
      I miss you and the family!

  16. Virginia

    Wow ! this is a very good idea, keep it up

  17. aly

    tres fantastique!

  18. Kat

    This is great, Damon! I especially liked finding out more about some of our local artists and musicans. Keep it up!

  19. Stephanie

    I like that it’s out there!

  20. Yo! The artwork is fly homie, just seent you on James’ blog. Dope shit!

  21. I love your artwork!! Do you have a book?
    I’m teaching Documenting Social Injustice at Columbia and have guest speakers talk about their work…would you be interested in being a guest next fall? Have video of your show with Scissor Girls. Will get it transferred to DVD for you…on my list!

  22. P.S. I repinned some of your blog art images, and am interested in reflagging from your blog to my Artist Marketing Resources blog

  23. Great forum. Just followed and will be visiting every now and then.

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