Ethan D’Ercole: visual artist


At the heart of my work is a love for architecture and the city: the shapes of buildings, the space between them, and how forms intersect and collide. Architecture is the physical expression of human necessity- a living art. As much as their occupants, buildings are characters within the city-emotive, at times dangerous and off kilter. There exists in the city an elasticity, a vibrancy, a kineticism.  Recurring themes in my work involve the interplay of architecture and its dwellers.

Memories of American cities during my youth are my earliest inspirations. Imagine Warriors or The Wiz era New York, as well as Midwestern cities of the early nineties, especially St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Monuments of failed modernity: public housing, slum clearance, housing abandonment, and elevated expressways were all strange and illogical enough to inspire art! The relics of former generations were all around, leaving an exoskeleton around the center of the city.  The language, the history was mine but it made no sense. This is the strange environment where I came of age and learned my values. This is the architectural setting that continues to move me.

My art is also about intuitive exploration, taking risks, trusting instincts, getting lost, and finding clarity within the confusion. It celebrates mystery and naiveté and asserts that some things are more interesting before they are fully realized.

My compositions are like cities in that there is an overall order to the layout, but multiple ways through which to navigate. Half the fun is forging your own path and discovering new things each time.












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5 responses to “Ethan D’Ercole: visual artist

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  2. Bob Hullinger

    Hi, Ethan,
    Are prints of your work for sale? I’d love to own a few…

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