Richard Warfield Smith: visual artist


To look directly at those of us who are physically different, who wear our scars or uniqueness on the outside: is to look in the mirror without blinking. The facade becomes vague as we stare ,leaving us undefined and grasping for our name. 

I work within this morphology, under crumpled paper.  Autumnal leaves, torn bits of nothing that blow in the wind. In the shunned and forgotten lies a cipher,  an insight behind what is apparently visible. 

 All my dreams are the same ones. Are they tired? Are they only more precious? With whom do I share this? Should my sameness, my sedentary dreams become the secret ? Nothing is different within. 

Where is the renewal? Potential is what? A leap. A journey. Does that matter to the lost? My Forest may have a path, yet I wander through the woods. Crossing my own foot falls over and over. Yes, aware that this wandering only burdens and tires me. Is the goal worth it in the end? Or am I just content to wander? I wish I could say that the alleys are only a diversion.

          She is in the resting places.

Small trinkest found on the street.  Double the weight of the burdened. The view of the sky when supine. The nurse maid of the chastened and stumbling soul who wanders in and out.









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5 responses to “Richard Warfield Smith: visual artist

  1. jamie hayes


    Your work is amazing. I would love to see more.

  2. Hey Richie –

    As I am always trying to tell you – Your work is beautiful and the composition exemplary! I like the images that you chose – Since I’m aware of how much work you actually have sitting around your studio it must have been difficult to choose which pieces to post here.

    For some reason (to me) the bottom image whispers the telling of a “ghost” story. The carnage that people can inflict upon their own souls and memories as well as those of others. The fragment of the hazy and imageless black & white photo in the upper right on top of the abused piece of blank, burned and crinkled paper, joined together with the somewhat ghostly central figure. I’m sure you have other ideas – Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Mononoke – But I like it.

  3. Bruce the Moose

    I’m very impressed with your work. I had no warning as to the depth and intrigue of your your artwork. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s cool. Bruce

  4. ReDe

    You’ve been holding out on us. The images already speak loudly on the site, I can’t imagine what actual face value will come through when I see them up close.

  5. Peter

    Cool stuff Rich… glad I managed to track down what you are up to….

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