Alix Lambert: photography


photo by Peter Suschitzky

Although I have worked in, and continue to work in a number of different artistic mediums, I have had an enduring love affair with black and white photography. For me, black and white photographs inherently elicit a feeling of nostalgia. They allow my imagination to follow numerous narratives for any single given image. There is an elemental joy to be extracted from the search for the moment that has passed.













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3 responses to “Alix Lambert: photography

  1. Timothy Lane

    I really like these photos…the tall panoramic of the apartment building and the sultry woman in the desert with the hills in the background….NYCE!

  2. (A)ndy

    I like what Alix means with the nostalgia of b&w photography. My particular passion for that medium is the limitations inherent in its simplicity; imagination and innovation is necessary as these limitations lay plain the skill and creativity of the photographer. I like the idea of traditions as diachronic, dynamic but enduring, and b&w has that potential as it eschews the modernization of photographic perfection. It is also so very accessible for viewers.

  3. Kali

    Incredible eagle shot! I used to live where eagles roam, and I tried for years to get a good shot of one, my Mom is a huge birder and I’ve seen lots of bird photos… so I really respect the composition achieved. The movement is just Wow. I’d really like to see that print.

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