Simone Shubuck: visual artist


In the last several years I have been working with paper, pencils of different sorts, paint and collage exclusively (prior to that, I had been experimenting with all kinds of mixed media: food, grafitti, installation, etc). 

In my current work, I use a semi-conscious process in which I have some bookends, or specific references to concrete things, that I combine with a totally unconscious level of just letting the work happen without exact intentions. I consider the “heart” of my work an ongoing series of small drawings in boxes. The boxes unintentionally made their way into the work by sort of chance. One of the recurring things I find in my practice is that I am always kind of unaware at first that some of the most interesting things I’m doing are the things I don’t consider art. Initially these boxes were just something I carted the work around in, with pencils and erasures…a sort of portable studio. Inside there are a pieces that I tend to treat like a mix tape: the edit, the order, the intimacy of thumbing through them is part of the piece.



 The Actual Size of Everything 56″x47″



About To Put… 76″x 56″



Fountain Coffee 17″x 22″



Shell Monster 38″x 27″


ss_installation view_suzie-q_table2














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5 responses to “Simone Shubuck: visual artist

  1. Aaron Dukes

    Hi Simone – cool, I really like these. Hope you are good…

  2. phil McGaughy

    Simone rocks like clean socks!

  3. Lindsay Marx

    I like to imagine you drawing the work as i’m looking at it. That is the exact sensation your work gives me. Great work.

  4. E.J.Rodriguez

    Hi Simone,
    Your boy is so beautiful, I’m wishing you and your Fam all the best. Love,Love,Love your work, So many great pieces, Shell Monster is amazing and that last piece with the Blue Black and Brown is Gorgeous and Hypnotic.

  5. Simone,

    i completely love your work. intimate, sublime, detailed and specific, yet loose and abstract.

    thank you for sharing,
    old pal oona besman

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