Jasmin Shokrian: fashion designer

interview by Damon Locks

fashion photography by The Collaborationist

Is fashion political? Is your work political? Sometimes it is, although not overtly. I reference where we are currently and the socio-political climate is definitely taken in to consideration when I am thinking about the collection, fabric references etc…

Can you name a few “all time” inspirations? Things that never cease to inspire? Art, Texture, Geometry, Nature, Film, Architecture and above all, Innovative thinking.

At different times, fashion could mark changes in cultural. In 2010, do you feel fashion has an impact culturally? Absolutely, I feel that the arts in general have impacted us greatly in 2010. The arts are exploding in the face of the depression we are in!  Also, In a strange way I feel that the First lady. Mrs-O, has brought fashion to the main stream. People are looking to see what she is wearing as the new first lady, and the fact that she is supporting younger less established designers, is very relevant to the times, and the the idea of Change. Historically speaking the first lady has been dressed by more conservative, established designers. Michelle Obama takes risks along side the classics. I never thought in my lifetimeThank you Mrs-O !

What would be your dream aspiration in terms of your work? If everything went exactly as you would want, what would you want you work to do, say, be considered? My aspiration is to be respected for my work. Although the work I make is artistic, I design with real women in mind. I want people to be moved emotionally by what they see, and moved to wear it as a genuine self expression of confidence. I have come to learn that everything else is out of my control!


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One response to “Jasmin Shokrian: fashion designer

  1. Timothy

    I dig the designs (my kid Jasper would be all over some of these!!!) and have a question about the photo of Jasmin Shokrian…the hand style in the background is looking very much like TWIST…especially with the META tag….any ideas?

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